Saturday, August 29, 2009

Let's Write A Novel Together Blog

My friend Jean from Storycrafters has started a new blog to empower writers to take up the challenge of writing a novel. She plans to start the sharing in September and there will be some talk of NaNoWriMo, but she's basically doing this so we all have support and encouragement while we write.

You can visit the Let's Write A Novel Together blog for more details.

I hope you'll join us!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

End the Cycle - Stop Self-doubt from Stealing Your Time

Check out my latest article on Writer2Writer's time management subsite.

Self-doubt is something that many writers--myself included--struggle with. End the Cycle - Stop Self-doubt from Stealing Your Time will give you some tips on how to stop self-doubt from taking over, which leads to procrastination.

As always, your feedback is appreciated.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Motivational Quote # 29

"The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power." - Hugh White

I loved this quote as soon as I read it. Our past experiences always have an impact on our lives; but how much of an impact is up to us. I did not have an overly happy childhood, and that has been a stumbling block for me as an adult and a parent. My ability to interact with people suffered as a result, and its hard for me to feel comfortable in social situations. I'm always afraid I'll do or say the wrong thing. Oftentimes, I analyze previous conversations and chide myself for doing or saying something that I wish I hadn't. Additionally, my parenting style is much more like my father's than I want it to be.

But as Hugh White indicates, the future is in my power. Therefore, I have the power to make the necessary changes; as long as I take it.

The same holds true for our writing. We let rejections, fear of failure, fear of success and self-doubt keep us from aspiring to reach our goals. If we only used that power to plow through our fears and feelings of self-doubt, we could persistently work towards achieving our goals.

In what ways do you allow self-doubt and your fears keep you from obtaining your writing goals? What would you like to change? How can you make that change happen?

Remember, you have the power to make your writing dreams come true. Use it!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

And we're back!

This photo was taken in the gazebo overlooking the sound at Miller's Restaurant on Route 158. Miller's is one of the girls' favorite places to eat on the Outer Banks.

We had a great time, though we had more rain than we usually do; but that seems to be all of the east coast this year. We've had so much rain where we live that on the shady side of the house the ground is still moist, even after four days of sun and temperatures in the mid- to high 90's.

It's hard to believe, but after we finish off Vacation Bible School this week, we'll only have one full week before the kids head back to school. I honestly don't know where this summer went.

Starting in September, my hope is to add more to this blog on a weekly basis. I'll get back to regular motivational quotes, and as things progress with my book, I'll share my thoughts on the journey to publication with all of you.

Thanks for sticking with me. I appreciate the support.

All my best,