Monday, October 5, 2009

Help Me Decide on My NaNoWriMo Project

I haven't attempted NaNoWriMo since 2006, and I sure don't know if everything will line up for me to give it a try this year, but I have three ideas that I'm toying with and I need some input from you. So come out of hiding and let me know your thoughts.

Idea One

In 2006, I began a story titled A Shepherd's Journey. This is Christian fiction story where I was able to the idea a bit and sell it to a children's publisher for a picture book, which will come out in 2010, but I still think it has potential as a more mature story.

Premise: As a child, a shepherd boy named Obed, is the in the hills outside Bethlehem on the night of Christ's birth with his father and two older brothers. They visit the Savior and sing His praises, but Obed's youngest brother Eli is later slaughtered by Herod's soldiers in an attempt to kill the new King. Time marches on and Christ begins his ministry and then is put to death and rises 3 days later. Right before the Resurrection, Obed's mother dies and he is worried for her soul, since her belief in God since Eli's death has ben shaky at best, and his fathers and brothers no longer worship God. Obed leaves home in search of the apostles, who are now in hiding, to see if he can learn more about this Jesus, and to figure out if He was the Savior he met so long ago, so that can bring his family back to God.

Like to write it because: I really feel this is a story God has called me to write.

Problems: Research was and remains an issue with this one. Fashion, food, typical weather are all things I need to find out. I have some texts here, but as I discovered in 2006, trying to research and write all at once doesn't work.

Idea Two

Premise: I had written a short story a while back titled "Montezuma's Revenge". In it, Reed's wife had attempted to murder him, but he survived and discovered his wife had vanished. Reed receives a mysterious text message claiming that this person knows where his wife Erin is and wants to meet him. During that meeting, he discovers that the text messenging stranger is his ex-girlfriend Sharon, who never liked Erin and thought she was the reason they broke up. Ben, Reed's father never liked Erin either, and is the one who hired Sharon (a P.I.) to find out where Erin disappeared to. Seems Erin ran away with a contractor who worked at Reed and Erin's house.

Like to write this because: I have some background started on these guys and gals and would like to turn this into something more than a short story.

Problem: Not sure if there is a full novel in here. It would be romantic suspsense because of the relationship with Sharon that would become more as the story progresses. Not sure where to start it off if I need to make it longer because originally I had is starting with Reed getting the mysterious text and discovering Erin's whereabouts early on. The plan was to have him take off to Mexico to find Erin and the contractor (Mark) and Sharon ends up following him there, a confrontation ensues, and though I didn't have all the details Sharon and Reed end up together.

I guess I could actually start it with Reed trying to figure out where that nasty wife of his went and then bring Sharon in, in a different fashion, but again, is there enough for a novel?

Idea Three

This one would be a total shot in the dark and I'm not quite sure how I would approach it because I really haven't given much thought to it.

Premise: This is a crime fiction piece with a romanctic element to it, though there is no happy ending because the woman is murdered. I put this together as part of a scene building exercise for a workshop last year. Gilbert and Jonathan are two detectives and Anne is the woman Gil is in love with, though he thinks she is interested in Robert, the son of a prominent senator. The senator's family has Mob connections, but it seems that Robert has some gambling debts that the Maronis (Mob guys) want paid and dear ole Daddy doesn't like his gambling and won't give him the dough; so Robert needs to wine and dine Anne, and hope that she marries him so he can use her money. But she can't decide if she loves him--seems maybe her heart belonged to Gil, they argue, and he kills her. A chase ensues and Robert is finally brought to justice.

Like to write it because: I would really like to see how far I could take it.

Problem: I set this in NYC in an unknown time period, but I was thinking 50's. I know next to nothing about NYC, police work, or organized crime other than what I've read, and I know even less about the 50's.

I guess there is a fourth idea hanging out there too, but since it would never meet the required word-count I don't think it's really a consideration. I was thinking of expanding my YA story "Amelia's Mission" and turning it into a novella. This would be along the lines of Lucy Maud Montgomery's work and I think it would be a great thing to put together, and fun.

I think that's it. If you want to share your thoughts on these, I would greatly appreciate it.


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Andrea Franco-Cook said...

I love your children's book. Please tell me when it is coming out. I think my eight year old would really enjoy it.

Andrea Franco-Cook