Friday, November 21, 2008

Motivational Quote #10

We've discussed fear of failure in the past and continue to revisit it because it can be so crippling to an aspiring author. This week's motivational quote comes from the late Robert Kennedy.

"...only those who dare to fail greatly, can ever achieve greatly."

Kennedy made this comment during his Day of Affirmation Address in 1966 during his visit to South Africa to champion the cause of the anti-Apartheid movement. He spoke to the young people at the University of Capetown and encouraged them in their work. And while what those young people faced was a much larger challenge than anything I have had to deal with, I find Kennedy's quote a great inspiration in the journey toward publication.

Daring to fail greatly might be the first time you submit a chapter for feedback to your critique group. Or it could mean the day you lovingly tuck your baby into an envelope and mail it to a publisher or agent for consideration. It might mean something larger or smaller depending upon where you are in your journey.

But what Kennedy's words tell the aspiring author is something she already knows, but tries to forget: unless you try, you can never succeed. Mickey Rooney once said, "You always pass failure on the way to success." How can we achieve one unless we are willing to accept the other?

Failure comes to all of us, but how we react to those moments when our dreams seem to slip out of our hands, is what makes the difference between a published author and an aspiring one.

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Morgan Mandel said...

I can use some motivation. Also, if I could only concentrate, I'd work on my nano book. Unfortunately, I can only do easy things because my head is still filled with germs. Hoping tomorrow it will clear.

Morgan Mandel