Sunday, December 7, 2008

Motivational Quote #13

I just finished reading Words to Write By - Author Devotionals. Within it's pages I found a quote from an anonymous source that I truly loved:

"Every successful writer starts out as a 'nobody.'"

Think about some of the great writers you know and love. For me the list includes: Laura Ingalls Wilder, Lucy Maud Montgomery, Stephen King (how's that for a jump, prairie life and Prince Edward Island to horror), Jerry Jenkins, Michael Shaara, Jeff Shaara, and Karen White.

And yet as great as these authors are, they all started out at the same place every aspiring author does--unknown.

When you wonder if you have what it takes or if your work is good enough, think back to your list of great writers and consider what the publishing world would be like if even one of them never submitted a thing.

Now get to writing!

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