Saturday, December 20, 2008

Take Our New Poll

You can participate in our new poll in the sidebar. Tell us what keeps you from being committed to your writing career. If you choose "other", please feel free to elaborate in this thread.


Kim Smith said...

Currently what keeps me from my writing is the holidays. I just cannot stop the cleaning and shopping and decorating to get anything done. I am hoping for more freedom from such things after Christmas.

Marta Stephens said...


Add to the holiday rush, marketing/promoting new book, book signings/talks, administering a few blogs, editing, etc., etc., etc. Before I knew it, months have gone by without having written one word in my next novel. Things are due for a change.

Serena said...

I have a number of being the biggest. my husband and I work incredibly hard, but it never seems to be enough to make the its tough to write with all of that stress.

Anonymous said...

It sounds so absolutely silly to me, even now, but I'm scared of success.

Yeah, see? Weird. Silly. But it's true.

Next up would definitely be the time issue.