Thursday, September 18, 2008

Support--What Are You Looking For?

During our discussion on what keeps aspiring authors from becoming published authors the topic of lack of support came up. How important is support to your writing career? Do you have the support of your family and friends? Do you have the support of other writers?

Let's talk a bit about the need for support. Please share where and with whom you've found support for your writing career. Why do you feel support is important to you or any writer? And what can a writer who has limited or no support from family and friends do to feel encouraged and supported in her writing?

I look forward to your answers. I'll share some of the places I've found support soon too.


Jo Linsdell said...

support is very important and helps keep you motivated. Lots of people have helped support me in my writing projects and I try to do the same for others offering advice and information when I can and giving opportunities to promote others with my site

Cheryl said...

You're great about supporting others Jo. I can't wait to see the new format of your site. I've added it to my blogroll here.

Best of luck!


Galatyne said...

I think that the only thing that can keep me from getting published is myself. I create heroes that I hope others will look up to. At some point on their journey, heroes have to make it without support. They have to find the reason to go on within. If I want to create that, I have to be that. The right kind of support can be uplifting, but I can't rely on it. It it can't be a reason for not reaching out and grasping the grail. In the end, that is a step I must find it in myself to take if I am to become the writer I envision.